Seizures & Liens

Seizures & Liens

Wage and Income Garnishment Release

Seizures and LiensThe IRS has a well-earned reputation for being an intimidating and fearsome debt collector.

Through its levy power, the IRS has the ability to seize wages and a wide range of other income. Our team of Tax Attorneys is keenly aware of the distress caused by these levies and place high importance on restoring your peace of mind.

We have obtained countless levy releases for our clients, and our experience allows us to employ quick, precise action in getting levies removed.

Bank Levy Release

Bank levies are another tool used by the IRS to strike fear in the hearts of taxpayers.  

Unexpectedly discovering that your bank accounts have been frozen or emptied can be agonizing.  

The seizure of bank funds often cause emergency situations for our clients and we treat these matters with the urgency and attention they require. Our experienced team has secured innumerable bank levy releases and has the expertise to best address this type of levy.

Lien Service

The IRS frequently issues liens against those who owe tax debts.  

A tax lien is a device used to secure the government’s interest in payment of a debt.  Lien notices detailing tax debts are filed in county records and are often discovered by credit reporting agencies.  

Liens can wreak havoc on your credit report and hamper your ability to make major transactions.

Lien filings are also one of the first steps in the process of the IRS seizing your property if they choose to take that action.  

Our Tax Attorneys are able to evaluate your needs and determine how to best address a lien that is causing an inconvenience.


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